Back to work. Celebrating another 10 year anniversary!

I’m starting my first workday after an amazing long holiday with the celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Echt Ierland. This anniversary brings me back ten years ago when Ivo ten Broek started the company at our attic in our home in Utrecht. Not earning any money yet.

I specially remember the moment I couldn’t even walk yet after giving birth to Xavi, yelling to Ivo he should earn some money as soon as possible. As as we didn’t have any left. All our savings went into the company, me being breadwinner.

In these ten years we build a multi million company with an amazing team, bringing over 4000 guests to Ireland each year. Famous for showing the Real Ireland. Me stepping in from a consultant to a co-leading role since 2019 as we were growing so fast.

The crisis we are now in is horrifying. From March till May I went through a periode of depression and despair, because we saw the whole company collapsing. We had to let go so many colleagues. I had so many difficult conversations.

Looking back at those 10 years reminds me: we came from far and we dealt with a lot of challenges. The challenge we are in now is only one more to add on the list.

I’m not depressed anymore. I have my confidence, leadership skills and strength back.

We will survive this crisis. We will keep on going to continue to sell holidays to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

One day people will travel again.

We will get our team back and grow even more beautiful.

All we have to do is be very patient and have a little faith.

Staying healthy in the meantime.

Happy anniversary team Echt Ierland

I love you,


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